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Basic economics works with a simple supply and demand modeling. What if our elected officials are pushing CDC recommendations on the general public under the guise of a virus and safety.

Yet, at the same time, are positioning the public with fear, false medical data, lockdowns, and medical masking-all in an effort to receive a kickback or stock offering from the two biggest covid-19 vaccine medical manufacturers trading as Pfizer and BioNTech corporations. Imagine, these elected officials are actually using their offices and public communication channels to create an artificial demand so that their stock in these companies will skyrocket by meeting the demand with their supply.

That would something right, imagine welding that type of power, to be elected, use this virus as a tool to drive demand, and mee the supply by charging the federal government huge fees, thus driving up profits and profit-sharing results for not just the elected officials but all insiders.

Imagine if there was zero financial gain proposed to these elected officials or if there were laws that would govern such transactions-I wonder if these elected officials would be driving the demand by using their offices to create a fear-based selling model.

Usually, we learn about who owns the stock after the fact or who bought or sold stock holdings, after an intelligence briefing of classified information. How would one find out which elected politicians actually stand to profit the most when Pfizer and BioNTech issue these vaccinations to the masses?

It is pretty sad, that our Republic has come to such evil if, in fact, we learn that these elected people, really only pushed these issues to drive the demand and to be the ones who meet the supply.

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Citizen News Journalist

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Citizen News Journalist

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