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The Rise & Now the Fall of the Mass Media GiantsIn 2016, Forbes did an article on who owned and controlled the US American News & Media Giants. There were 15 Billionaires identified and since 2016 there may have been some shuffles to oversee Billionaires from China and other countries-weighing in on the giant’s news & media broadcasts. They are all kind of liken to being a private news & media club that distributes narratives that only fit their globalist social missions.

In 1983, 90% of the US Media Content was owned and controlled by 50% of the US Citizens. The news was balanced and provided equal coverage with less personal biases.

In 2020, 95% of the US Media is owned by 6 Mega Media Corporations that control the Mass Media Content and it’s become corrupt. From projecting false medical data, censoring experts, to projecting election winners based on their own internal data sources.

The informational content is designed to program the American viewer with false information and guide them towards causes or issues that the 6 mass media giants want to see happen.  We have seen in recent years, that the giants, will do everything and anything to silence those who contradict their narratives.

It has been a very long time since the American people experienced true freedom of the press. The viewership for these networks, keeps them in power, sharing narratives that are projected from what they want to see the American society to be like vs what it really is.

About 100-150 million viewers have been seeking alternative news sources, citizen news, outside of the narrative being provided to us by giant media companies and big tech, all trying to keep power and keep the true information from the American people.

Thankfully there has been a mass exodus in recent years, where people are starting to free their minds, by departing from the media and tech giants.

Americans are seeking raw, unfiltered, and real news that empowers them to have independent thoughts. Unfortunately, media giants and big tech are interested in profits, power, and control at the expense of the American people.

We are now seeing a mass exodus from Facebook by conservatives to other groups like Parler, WeMe, Webtalk, and many others where they can have meaningful conversations, share information, without fear of being censored or shut down in the public square.

71M+ conservative voices have been recently silenced and projected to by the mass media giants to stop fighting and just concede. However, for the sake of the US Constitutional and our Democratic Election Processes & Security, those that make up the 71M+, simply cannot give up America without a fight. That fight starts and will end with a mass exodus away from mass media giants who seem to corruptly project a narrative and censorship that is simply violated on US Constitutional Rights.


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