The Great Modern Exodus out of the 7 Mountains

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According to Ecc. 1:7, there is nothing new under the sun. We find history and tipping points throughout the 7 spheresages are similar in nature however may appear to be in a different package.  There has always been on Earth a war between God the Creator and satan; and His Creation; whom God had given mankind authority and dominion to rule and reign over this earthly realm and to ultimately rule over every creature; including satan and all of his evil creatures. In the garden of Eden, we see satan a crafty-creature who entices Eve to commit spiritual treason which equals spiritual death. Thus bringing in satan as the ruler of this realm. Eve and Adam are removed from the garden of Eden for this spiritual treason and satan become the god of this realm.

God the creator deals with satan, banishes him, and decrees a spiritual treason curse and punishment. Now God out of His love for His creation begins to enter into blood covenants with those who are spiritually dead and enters into covenants with them and blesses them. In God’s ultimate redemption plan, he sends forth through the bloodline a sacrifice that will purge those who believe in it from the ultimate punishment of spiritual eternal death.

Since satan and mankind were removed from the garden. Satan and his evil creatures begin to form unions with mankind’s off-spring and develop cities, structures, power structures, and systems to rule over the workforce of the people. These creatures with the help of mankind rise to power; become the ruling class, and enslave others and commit spiritual practices that God the Creator would rule were horrible practices.

We see from the flood to the tower of babel, to the walls of Jericho, to Moses and the Red Sea, The Great Exodus, to David killing the Giants, the same war between God the Creator, His People in Covenant, and satan and his bunch are at war.

In each tipping point, the unjust weights of satan, his evil creatures, and mankind in power; the ruling class commits a boiling point of sins against God’s chosen people-even those of us grafted into the vine. God the creator rules from Heaven a verdict to destroy satan, his evil creatures, and mankind in power with those structures get dethroned, displaced, and God’s people enjoy the benefits.

In history, there are times when there will be a report of a major shift and displacement by those who are ultra evil, and God the Creator, the just king makes a final verdict for judgment and vengeance.

In 2020, the seven mountains of the American culture of societies have become corrupt by mankind that has risen into power and is in alignment with satan and his evil creatures. The ancient practices prior to the flood are the same evil practices that these people at the head of the 7 mountains currently practice now. These are spiritual treasons and crimes against humanity. These people get to power by evil blood and leave by blood. We are going to see in our lifetimes the great modern-day Exodus were the people who are slaves (but may not fully know it) are going to be leaving the 7 mountains and they are going to be torn down.

What are the seven mountains?

  • Arts/Entertainment
  • Business
  • Education
  • Family
  • Governance
  • Media & News
  • Religion

The people that have risen to power inside of these 7 mountains. Many of them are people that claim to be God’s chosen people as the Jews but they really are Nicolations who practice evil rituals, practices, rape, killing and eating of human flesh and blood. They are called in Revelations, the Synagogues of satan. They are the ones who currently steal, rape, fornicate, torture, sacrifice babies and children, drink blood, and eat forbidden flesh to remain in power under the house of satan.

The great modern-day exodus from these 7 mountains is very near.

The biggest mountain will be God’s children those who are in the lamb’s book of life that have been held in captivity by false teachers, prophets, pastors, institutions, and others that are not with the God of Abraham but had departed from the faith to rise in power, greed, and self-promotion will be struck down and there shall be a modern-day mass exodus of people fleeing from the four walls of the churches that were established and used to prostitute God’s children for buildings made of wood, hay, and stumble.

God in his rich mercy and grace has been calling his people to repent and to release his people from captivity but they have rejected God’s convictions. They have rejected God’s anointed prophets and apostles. They have pressed to keep control and to keep His people held captive. They have become giants themselves and lovers of themselves.

Repent! Repent!

For judgment and vengeance are His, says the Lord of Hosts!

We now expect and eagerly await God’s intervention.

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