Jake Merrick is not a career politician and has been a business owner for over 20+ years. What we are finding in the USA are real patriots, taking a stand, and showing us what true statesmen. That is what George Washington and many others were; true statesmen, many having small businesses and were involved in governance.
Today, we see career politicians being elected year and year, governing with the purpose of creating their own fortunes and wealth; no matter the cost to their fellowman. Many career politicians have made such poor decisions and many are easily bribed or blackmailed to pass certain policies-or accept policies from foreign governments who have to threaten to expose their sexual appetites for child trafficking.

Being a true statesman vows if being elected to fight against human trafficking and governance corruption from the inside-out.
According to his website, he believes that government should not be involved in any mandates against business owners or citizens. That each should govern themselves and make medical decisions based upon how each person feels they should take care of themselves. It’s impressive to see a patriot and a constitutionalist stand up and run for Oklahoma State Senate District 22.
The Freedom Voters Guide Top Pick with a 4.5-star rating was given to Jake Merrick.
Freedom Voters Guide Top Pick For OK District 22 SenateDisclaimer: Courtesy of USAVFF.org SuperPac, Inc. No Candidates or Candidate Committees authorized or approved the above image and message. Paid for by USAVFF.org SuperPac, Inc.
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