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Citizen News Journalists WantedAre you tired of being censored? Are you tired of having your researched posts placed in digital jail? We believe in America and its governing Constitution’s first amendment rights that we as citizens have free speech rights. So we want to become one of your distribution channels, a place where you can freely submit articles, links, pictures, live, and recorded videos as an independent volunteer citizen news journalist.

Once registered and approved, you believe to submit content at-will and will promote it across all our news and media broadcasting network channels. Will cross-promote to your channels as well to reach a wider audience.

Citizen News Topic Coverage

  • National Trending Issues
    • Mass Media Suppression/Coverups
  • Local Trending Issues
  • Topics
    • Governance News
    • Whitehouse
    • Follow The Pen
    • Free Speech
    • Religious Freedom
    • Constitutional Rights
    • Election Information
    • Freedom Voters Guides
    • Save Our Children
    • Stopping Pedophilia

Citizen News Journalist Benefits

  • It’s Free! No Costs!
  • Freedom of the Press
  • Gain Exposure
  • Reach a broader audience
  • Promote your links-cross posting
  • Articles Syndicate (all social media platforms and media networks)
  • We pay to boost “trending issues”
  • Video Content Reaches up to 100M viewers

Join our team by enrolling as a Citizen News Journalist covering national and local trending issues.

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Let Us Promote You

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