Welcome Citizen News Journalists! We are excited to be one of the premiers news & media broadcasting networks in the nation covering real, live, trending news; by local Citizen News Journalists. As Citizen News Journalist you do your own independent research-covering topics that are most important to you, and we syndicate your content across all of our news and media broadcasting channels to ensure that you never get censored and your voice is heard.  We are living in a time where freedom of the press; freedom of we the people in America are facing suppression at a level that we have never seen before.  Where main street corporate news and media channels are so scripted that they are only interested in their agendas at the expense of our constitutional rights and privileges.

At USAVFF News & Media Broadcasting Network we publish your articles, content, links, and video content and assist in packaging and syndicating the Citizen News Journalism across the US. The video coverage submitted will be packaged and distributed on our media channels and cross-promoted back to you.

To get started, simply complete the online registration form and become one of our Founding Citizen News Journalists today!

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