Is Big Tech on the Verge of Booting a Sitting US President’s Voice to the American People

Big Tech Censorship Against Sitting US PresidentIs Big Tech Giants on the verge of booting the United States Sitting President off of their social media platforms because his posts violated the community standards of the platforms.

Now, these platforms are under investigation for abusing Title 230 which has in the past which gave them immunity from prosecution.

Over the past four years, they have collectively been censoring any voices that are conservative or offer the general public alternative freedom of the press viewpoint. Not to mention in the recent election, big tech giants utilized a software voting system called Dominion that was primarily used in the swing states.

The majority owners of Dominion’s voting software are family members to DNC speaker of the house, Pelosi. The software had serious “glitches” that result in a.i technology being used to switch legal votes from one candidate to another, the other being the one have a shortfall at the close of the polling stations.

The sitting US duly elected President of the United States of America who was leading in the legal votes, in the early morning hours, the votes spiked with computer software glitches in favor of one of the candidates. So a demanded manually recount with 100% transparency in these counties and states to certify the real winner based on legally counted and verified votes are underway.

At the same time, big tech and big media giants are projecting based on a 3% glitch from the Dominion software that one candidate is now the projected winner! This is crazy!  There is no certified legally voted votes to even make such a claim and so big tech and big media giants are all working together to control the narrative and dictate public opinion.


The owners of these big tech and media giants are being investigated and they apparently all have a vested interest in projecting the candidate whereby the software glitch or cyber warfare crimes all fell in favor of one candidate over the other.

Is this a 3rd world country?  or it this America?  or are we fighting to save America?

71M+ legal voters voted for the current sitting US President, yet big tech is censoring the President?

Does that even seem like America to you?

Can we just unplug those companies’ ability to deliver content to the American People?

It has been starting to feel like for many people that big tech and giant media have become domestic terrorist groups? Would let a terrorist organization broadcast and censor us?

No, but why have 140M+ registered voters allowed this behavior?

Surely the US President has executive powers to deal with these issues which may be a matter of national security at this point.

What Country are we now living in?

Big Cellular Companies shut down the communication channels to the US Presidents Followers

Isn’t this a violation of the US Constitution?

Twitter and Facebook Shut Down President Trump’s Post | MakeUseOf






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